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Author Topic: Infamy reducing quests (Daily)  (Read 570 times)
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« on: October 25, 2014, 03:16:44 PM »

There are a total of 4 infamy reducing quests that Ive found for a total of -100 infamy daily, theres 2 more in nui safelands but I think u can forget those ;p

The first 2are started the 1st time from npc outside the jail just off the coast by Austera, he sends you to 2 npcs in Austera, these are the npcs to return to for daily, each of which reduces infamy by 20.
The 1st quest is to carry boxes from next to npc and dump on ground near another npc in Austera.
The 2nd quest is outside Austera to the SW and is to dig up 15 piles.

The 3rd one is in Rookborne located outside Dustgleam here and is worth -30. Quest is a simple run around in a circle and click quest item on npcs.

The 4th is in Sandeep located here and is also -30. Quest is carry 5 packs from seabed to near npc and place on ground.

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